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Аny quеstion is аn importаnt quеstion. It is vitаl thаt you аsk thе quеstions thаt you hаvе, rеlаting to pеst control, so thаt you fееl comfortаblе with thе pеst controllеr providing thе sеrvicеs. Pеsts аrе а nuisаncе аnd you wаnt to bе cеrtаin thаt thе pеst controllеr will tаrgеt аnd rеmovе аll pеsts in your propеrty. If you fееl thаt thе pеst controllеr hаs difficulty аnswеring your quеstions, this might suggеst thаt thеy do not hаvе thе еxpеriеncе or knowlеdgе.

‘The real fear is when you go to kill a cockroach, and it starts flying’

General pest control – a pest free life

General Pest control is the method of managing and supressing pests like rodents, bugs, cockroaches and ants etc. using various methods and treatments leading to their extermination.

Pest can be found at home as well as out with the crops and are considered to be a threat. Every year pest control techniques are getting advanced so as to deal with the genetic changes of the pests.

‘Methods of ‘General Pest Control’ to deal with pests at home:

There are some natural remedies that we can follow to get our houses pest free and stress free.

  • Dust mite repellent
  • The strong smell of the grounded coffee
  • Borax powder
  • Hot pepper spray
  • Insecticides and Pesticides

But the effect of these are comparatively less as that of a pest control treatment. Residential and Commercial General pest control not only get rid of the pests but also cleans the house of their eggs or faeces so as not to spread any disease.

The Do’s of General pest control:

  • Always use low risk insecticides
  • Keep pets and children away from the smell and affected areas
  • Cleaning areas of the house where the presence of water can be found is very important.
  • Leave the area for at least a couple of hours after the pesticides are sprayed.
  • Crevice treatment is necessary to eliminate pests completely.

However, rather than turning to home remedies for removing pests, professional General pest control help should be seeked for a thorough treatment is very important.


General Pest control services:

General pest control services include an A- Z effort to identify the sources of pests and eliminating them completely to the point of their no return.

  • The services include identifying the entry spots like the doorway, and creaks around the house, garage, and possible crawlspaces.
  • The team then checks for moisture levels in the environment as high levels tend to attract and host more pests.
  • Keeping the pest infected area contained and spraying chemical and pesticides to the contained area.
  • Keeping the treated areas dry at least for a couple of hours after the treatment is a much-advised option.

Our general pest control services cockroaches, ant, mosquito, spider, lizard, control come with a 3 months warranty with free visits in case the insects decide to make a comeback within 10 days of the cleaning treatment.

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