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are these micro creatures that are categorized under parasites feeding off the human body. But how to get rid of bed bugs? Bed bugs are usually hidden between bed folds and come out at night to bite leaving behind rashes and sometimes a little fever. Their minuscule sizes make it difficult to get rid of them as they are not usually visible to the naked eye. But in the following article, we will focus on what methods can be used to get rid of bed bugs.

‘How to get rid of bed bugs’ – Preparing your home for bed bug treatment

Professional bed bug treatments are very important to kill bugs efficiently. The usual bed bug sprays and ointments available in the market not good enough to permanently get rid of bed bugs.

  • Figure out the key infestation areas like the crevasse of mattresses and the bed frames. Termite Control in Noida
  • Containing the reach of the bugs through vacuuming is an excellent way to contain the infestations. Other items can be kept separately to be either discarded or given away
  • Both extreme hot and extremely cold temperature are helpful in killing bed bugs. Hence, using a steamer, iron, or freezing of items like bedding and clothes will easily help in killing the bugs.
  • If the infestation is too intense seeking professional asap helps to get rid of bed bugs is always advised.
  • For future safety, keep monitoring the previously infested areas to see any signs of their come back.

How effective are bug sprays to ‘get rid of bed bugs’?

Bed bug sprays or fumigators are a definite quick solution to get rid of bed bugs but unfortunately, it’s not a long- term solution as the bugs are more likely to make a comeback in some time. Moreover, these sprays need to be used carefully because of the Aerosol in it.

Bug sprays help in driving out bugs from the cracks and killing them, but the bed bugs that are hidden in the baseboards, within the walls, and inside the carpets often escapes.

Therefore, bed bugs sprays are used only as a temporary immediate relief to get rid of bed bugs.

Bed bug treatment service in Noida:

Removal of bed bugs takes a lot of care, time and patience and should be done by only professionals so as not to spread the infestations.

  • Trust us to provide the most effective counterattack measures against bed bugs in New Delhi, with an assured 3 months warranty at a very competitive price and package range
  • We use odourless and safe chemicals wherein results visible only within an hour.
  • We give a one – time annual check-up with 3 complimentary visits before the contract expires with lucrative discounts on 1- year AMC in case of a persisting bed bug problem of more than 10 days.

Deemak Control Noida If by reading this article, you feel that you have been a victim of bed bug attack please call us right away for professional help.

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